Monday, March 18, 2019

Rumplepimple On

To Rumplepimple On means to advocate for equality and love. For me as a wire fox terrier with two moms and a adopted brother it means to insist and speak up for several society goals that are close to my doggy heart. I will list them below so you can understand my dogsonality.

 Equality for all.
 Love makes a family.
 Love is love.
 Adopt don't shop.
 Dog rescues need support.
 Stop bullying everywhere.
 Diversity and inclusion in childrens books.
 Dogs are family.

These are my favorite and suggested hashtags-
#AdoptDontShop #loveislove #DiversityAndInclusion
#stopbullyingnow #DogsAreFamily #LoveMakesAFamily
#StandUp #SpeakOut #ReachOut #LoveLouder

Go forth and Rumplepimple on.

Love, Rumplepimple

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